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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Sud de France Développement

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A mixed economy company working for the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Sud de France Développement handles the promotion of regional companies as well as helping them to develop their business on national and international markets.

Sud de France Développement plays the strategic role of interfacing with buyers to promote regional know-how. It has proven expertise to advise regional entrepreneurs on how to be more competitive.

To increase the economic effectiveness of regional firms, Sud de France Développement has a team of professionals specialized on a sector basis:

  • Wine.
  • Food and agriculture (IAA, Fruits and vegetables, seafood, grains).
  • Multi-sector department (Environment, Well-being, Health, Houses and the building industry, High technology, Agro-industry, Transportation and logistics).
  • Tourism.

At each phase of their growth and in each sector, the Sud de France Développement team meets the needs of regional firms thanks to a wide range of specific tools and a program of actions adapted to the requirements of each sector.

Sud de France Développement brings together regional firms from different sectors. A creator of synergies, the organization is committed to optimizing complementary expertise to strengthen the regional economic fabric.
Sud de France Développement has the Sud de France umbrella brand which brings together under one banner Sud de France Languedoc-Roussillon tourist destinations and regional food, agricultural and wine products.

Sud de France Développement works with an international network of Maisons de la Région Languedoc Roussillon (London, Shanghai, New York and Casablanca). It organizes and carries out some 400 operations designed to help Languedoc-Roussillon firms throughout the world.

Sud de France Développement brings together under one brand some 7 800 products and 2 200 member firms. In terms of tourism, it includes 700 Qualité Sud de France establishments and 70 high establishments within Le Cercle Prestige and Business.

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Sud de France Développement

954, avenue Jean Mermoz

Tel.: +33 4 99 64 29 29


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