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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Duty Free - Montpellier Airport

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In the boarding lounge, Baltona shop offers a full range of Duty Free products; a bargain for travelers flying to destinations located outside European Community (travelers flying to Morocco, Algeria, for instance, benefit from duty free prices).

Anyway, all travelers can benefit from very interesting prices on a majority of the range, and especially Perfumes and Cosmetics.

Since you will reach Baltona boutique once you have gone through the security checks of Montpellier airport, you will be able to purchase at the boutique any product on sale (even liquid over 100 ml) without fearing to see them confiscated at security check. If you are transiting through another airport, your purchases will be placed within a security sealed bag (to be opened only at final destination) that will enable you to go safely through the potential controls at airport of transit. Indeed all products for sale in Baltona Boutique have been strictly controlled already.


Here you can find a selection of the best regional and international products: gastronomy, spirits, tobacco, perfume, cosmetics, fashion and accessories… Since March, 2013, the surface of the Duty Free Boutique available for your pleasure at Montpellier Mediterranean Airport is about 200m².


baltona duty free montpellier mediterranee airport

Baltona Duty Free Shop - Boarding lounge - Montpellier Méditerranée Airport © AMM


Boarding lounge - Montpellier Mediterranean Airport


Tel.: +33 4 67 64 68 76

  • Opens: one hour before first flight departure time.
  • Closes*: once the last plane has taken off.



Warning : access to duty free prices for spirits and tobacco depends on your final destination!


Purchases from Montpellier:

  • If you are travelling within France or to a country within the European Union, you will not benefit from Duty Free prices for spirits and tobacco.
  • If you are travelling (including transit) to a country located outside of the European Union (for example Morocco, Algeria, United States of America, etc. or even Suisse, Norway, Iceland or any of the DOM TOM) you will benefit from really good prices for spirits and tobacco. 
  • However, all passengers, whatever the destination, have access to the rest of the range (Perfumes, Cosmetic, Make-up, Wines, Regional products, Gastronomy, Sweets, Accessories, etc.) at prices which is often very attractive. Do not hesitate to visit and compare prices with your usual store, and anyway wander around this beautiful new boutique before your flight.


Quantities of goods and their value are unlimited per person departing from France. However, depending on your country of destination, maximum quantity purchased may be allowed for certain categories of product. Please check with the customs service in your country of destination before your departure.

Also note that it is compulsory to show your boarding card at the cash-desk of the boutique.

Purchases of passengers with connecting flights at Montpellier Mediterranean Airport:

  • If you are in transit in Montpellier airport, or if you will have to transit through another airport, you can make purchases at Baltona Boutique (it is for final destination which determines whether you have access to duty-free prices for spirits and tobacco). We will place safely your purchases in a security sealed bag (to be opened only at final destination) which will enable you to go through the potential security checks at your transit airport without issue.

> For more information on customs see Customs/Duty Free.

* times vary according to the flight schedules.
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