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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Newspapers & Books, Tobacconist - Montpellier Airport

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relay shop montpellier mediterranean terminal

Relay Shop - Departures hall - Montpellier Mediterranean Terminal © Philippe NICOL

The Relay shop, located in the Departures hall has a wide selection of books as well as regional, national and foreign magazines and newspapers, to enhance your trip and make your time spent at Montpellier Mediterranean Airport as enjoyable as possible.

For gourmets, the Relay shop also offers a selection of the best regional products, as a souvenir and taste of an unforgettable stay in Montpellier. And for people in a hurry, there is a range of sandwiches, cakes, confectionary and drinks to take away.

The Relay shop also sells:

  • Paris Metro tickets and books.
  • Tobacco.
  • Plastic bags to carry your authorized liquid and gel products in your hand baggage.

fresh basket montpellier mediterranean terminal

Casino Fresh Basket - Departures hall - Montpellier Mediterranean Terminal © Florent PEPET

Relay Shop

Arrivals hall - Montpellier Mediterranean Airport


Tel.: +33 4 67 65 45 80

Opening hours:

  • Every day, from 5.15am to 8.45pm.
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