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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Health and vaccinations - Montpellier Airport 

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No vaccination is mandatory for direct destinations departing from Montpellier Mediterranée Airport. However it is strongly recommended that you are up to date on your routine vaccinations.

For certain destinations (with stopovers), the authorities subordinate entry into the territory to consultation of the vaccination card. This is the case in countries of Africa, Central and South America, and Asia.


Some vaccinations are mandatory, others are optional. It is important to find out what is recommended for your destination well in advance of your departure.

French people travelling abroad are encouraged to consult the section: Advice to travelers on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development website.

You can find all the information on vaccinations on the Institut Pasteur website.



In addition to your regular treatments, to be taken in sufficient quantities if possible, the contents of the first aid kit will depend on the destination. Your doctor will list the items to take: treatment against malaria and diarrhoea, analgesics, antiseptics for the skin, bandages, gauze, disposable syringes, condoms…



When you travel abroad, it is strongly recommended to take out coverage for medical assistance and repatriation including health care costs.

The health assistance and repatriation contract may be included in the services provided by your travel agent or tour operator.

It is often included in the services provided by your credit card for a limited length of stay (less than 90 days), provided your trip is paid for by credit card.

> Warning: diseases that exist prior to travelling and which are the reason for the request for repatriation may be refused insurance coverage.

Examples of services

  • Repatriation, transport and admission to hospital in the case of illness or injury.
  • Repatriation of the body in the event of death.
  • Legal assistance.
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