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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Visas and administrative documents

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Before you leave, find out which travel documents you need (identity card, passport, visa) for entry and stay in your country of destination. Regarding passports, some countries require a minimum validity period.


For more information, check with your airline, travel agent, tour operator or the relevant authorities:


Contact the Foreign Consulate Services in France in time for them to provide the requested documents (depending on the country, forms, photographs, criminal record, return ticket, etc.).




  • Since the 26th of June 2012, a new European regulation requires all passengers, children and adults, to travel with a personal identity document when they leave the European Union.

This new regulation applies to all citizens of the European Union travelling out of their territory for tourism. Children and babies under two years, whose travel requires a passport, are now required to have their own document. They can no longer travel on their parent’s passport.


  • Since 15 January 2017, authorization to leave the country is compulsory for all unaccompanied minors.

This new system is applicable to all minors ordinarily resident in France. It also applies to all journeys, individual or as a group (school trips, holidays, language stays ...), from the moment the minor leaves French territory without a legal guardian.

For more information, please visit




  • Identity papers can be renewed 3 months before the expiry date of the document and at the latest one month before the date of travel.

To minimize delays, the Prefecture of the Hérault advises you to contact:

  • The town hall where you live to apply for a national identity card.

Consult the list of documents required

Consult the list of documents required

  • Remember to keep a photocopy at home of the documents you take with you (in the event of loss or theft abroad), and to bring at least 2 identity photos.

For additional security, the Ministry for Foreign and International Development recommends that you store these documents on the website In a few clicks, this portal allows you to set up a free and confidential personal storage space accessible online 24h/24. In the event of the theft or loss of your identity papers, you can download these items and facilitate proof of your identity.

In the event of the loss or theft of a passport or national identity card during a stay abroad, you must first of all make a declaration to the local police authorities. On the basis of this declaration, the French Embassy or Consulate will be able to issue you with a pass or an emergency passport as appropriate. Be careful,
this formality is not free and may take time.

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