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Monday, January 22, 2018
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Duty Free purchases - Montpellier Airport

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All items purchased at the airport Duty Free shop and in other shops in the departure lounge are allowed in the aircraft cabin, regardless of their content capacity.

  • For connecting passengers, items that are allowed in the cabin without restriction include liquids and gels purchased by a passenger aboard an aircraft operated by a European Community carrier, in a Community aerodrome or in an aerodrome of the following countries: Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
  • For these passengers, the seller will place the items in a sealed plastic bag along with a form (placed inside the bag or irreversibly fixed to the bag) that is readable by a security officer. The form lists the names of the shop and airport, the date and time of purchase, all the items, the flight number, destination and name of the passenger.


For more information, see the section Customs / Tax-free.

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