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Learn more about Airlines

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Welcome to the heart of “Air France Mediterranean” programm

a319 air france airline flights montpellier paris lyon

Air France offers 4 destinations from Montpellier: Paris-Orly and Paris-CDG, Rome and Amsterdam

Tickets can be bought on or on, by telephone on +33 9 69 39 02 15 (0,34€ Incl. VAT/min.), via Air France agencies or travel agencies.


On all flights we remind you all services are included in the ticket price of the: credit card payment without additional charges, seat allocation, luggage allowance, selection of daily newspapers, snacks, flying blue miles.

From Montpellier, AIR FRANCE flies to Paris Orly, Paris CDG, Rome and Amsterdam.


Bookings: +33 9 69 39 02 15 (0,34€ Incl. VAT/min.)

> Direct flights Montpellier / Paris Orly and Paris Orly / Montpellier.

> Direct flights Montpellier / Paris CDG and Paris CDG / Montpellier.

> Direct flights Montpellier / Rome and Rome / Montpellier.

> Direct flights Montpellier / Amsterdam and Amsterdam / Montpellier.


EasyJet operates Europe’s No. 1 Air Transport Network.

cabin crew easyjet airline flights montpellier london gatwick luton


The airline currently offers over 600 routes between over 130 airports in over 30 countries. EasyJet flies to 44 out of Europe’s 50 largest airports. 300 million Europeans live within one hour’s drive of an easyJet airport.

easyJet in France

EasyJet is the second most important airline in France. More than 12 million of flown passengers in 2011 (+19% compared to 2010).

> 1 easyJet passenger out of 5 takes off or lands in France.

> Business passengers in France represent 20%.

> 170 routes from France.

> 16 French airports in France, including Montpellier.


EasyJet in Montpellier

471 000 flown passengers since the start of our operations in Montpellier in May 2008. Three routes are offered to passengers:

EasyJet is one of the most competitive airlines in Europe

  • Security is the first priority of EasyJet. EasyJet operates over 200 aircrafts and one of the world’s youngest fleet.
  • On Time Performance reached an average of 89% of flights being on time in 2011.
  • EasyJet received the award of "Europe's Leading Low-Cost Airline 2012" at the World Travel Awards ceremony.


New-Allocated seating

As part of its aim of making travel easy and affordable, EasyJet will roll out allocated seating across our network from November 2012. The airline has been trialling allocated seating since April and over this period just over 800,000 passengers have flown on 6,000 trial flights.

Research among these passengers shows that more than 70% think allocated seating is better than easyJet's current system, due to the improved boarding experience, while over 60% said that they are more likely to use easyJet in the future as a result.


EasyJet free mobile app (download through Apple Store or Google Play)

  • Flights bookings
  • Bookings management
  • Departure and arrival schedules checking
  • Luggage sport equipment addition
  • Hotels search

From Montpellier, EASYJET flies to London Gatwick, London Luton, Basel Mulhouse and Rome.


“Inspire me” map:

EasyJet advices and tips:

Bookings: +33 8 20 42 03 15 (0,34€ Incl. VAT/min.)

> Direct flights Montpellier / London Gatwick and London Gatwick / Montpellier.

> Direct flights Montpellier / London Luton and London Luton / Montpellier (summer season).

> Direct flights Montpellier / Basel Mulhouse and Basel Mulhouse / Montpellier.


a319 easyjet airline flights montpellier london gatwick luton



Being the new regional airline company in France and Europe, Hop ! gathers Air France’s three regional airlines (Brit Air, Airlinair and Régional). The Air France group’s independent brand operates 98 (50 to 100 seat) aircrafts. It provides 530 daily flights covering 136 routes between 35 French and European airports.


montpellier nantes lille strasbourg lyon flights with hop

© Claire Lise HAYET

Hop ! aims to become the reference company for regional flights in France and Europe powered by a tailor-made, innovative, competitive and quickly adjustable offer for business and leisure travel.

From Montpellier, Hop ! operates flights to Nantes and Paris. Transiting from Lyon, Hop ! serves 21 additional destinations: 9 Europeans and 12 Domestics.




Bookings: + 33 1 72 95 33 33 (0,15€ TTC/min.)


> Direct flights Montpellier / Nantes and Nantes / Montpellier.

> Direct flights Montpellier / Paris and Paris / Montpellier.

montpellier nantes lille strasbourg lyon plane tickets with hop

© HOP !


ryanair airline flights montpellier brussels frankfurt


Ryanair is Europe’s only ultra-low cost airline, operating more than 1,500 flights per day from 51 bases and 1,500 low fare routes across 28 countries, connecting over 170 destinations.

Ryanair operates a fleet of 298 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with firm orders for a further 7 new aircraft (before taking account of planned disposals), which will be delivered by the end of 2012.

Ryanair currently has a team of more than 8,500 people and expects to carry over 79 million passengers in the current fiscal year (ending 31 Mar 2013).

From Montpellier, RYANAIR flies to Charleroi all the year round, as well as Leeds Bradford and Frankfurt Hahn in summer.


Bookings: +33 8 92 56 21 50 (0,34€ Incl. VAT/min.)


> Direct flights Montpellier / Charleroi and Charleroi / Montpellier.

> Direct flights Montpellier / Frankfurt Hahn and Frankfurt Hahn / Montpellier.

> Direct flights Montpellier / Leeds and Leeds Bradford / Montpellier (summer season).


ryanair airline flights montpellier brussels frankfurt



Transavia is a low cost airline that offers flights to summer and winter holiday destinations around Europe and to the Mediterranean. We are based  in the Netherlands and France, and in those countries we operate our flights of several airports. Therefore, we are market leader in holiday air travel!

montpellier rotterdam flight with
We offer our passengers a wide variety of flights and travel related services. Like advance seat reservation, online hotel bookings, car rental and travel insurance. On board of our flights, we have a large variety of assorted snacks and beverages as well as practical and luxury travel items available for purchase.
Since 2003, Transavia is member of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group.

Transavia in Montpellier

From Montpellier, Transavia flies to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


Bookings: +33 8 92 05 88 88 (0,34€ Incl. VAT/min.)

Transavia destinations:          

Transavia services:

> Direct flights Montpellier / Rotterdam and Rotterdam / Montpellier.

montpellier rotterdam plane ticket with
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