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Friday, September 22, 2017
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  Leeds (seasonal) (United Kingdom)

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Leeds, a big, dynamic, exciting city

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Located in the north of England, the city of Leeds has preserved its heritage throughout the ages. From the Middle Ages to the Industrial Era, Leeds has never stopped developing to become an economically prosperous city today with a strong cultural heritage.

With its 750,000 inhabitants, Leeds is now the third largest city in England. But the city has not always been of such magnitude, as testified by Kirkstall Abbey. A true vestige of the twelfth century, Kirkstall tells the story of a small, sparsely populated Leeds, with Norman and Gothic architectural influences, somewhat isolated in the north of the kingdom of England.


Under the Tudor dynasty (15th – 17th century), Leeds was enhanced and gradually developed into a market town. Even then, life revolved around the "Briggate" district, which has now become a key spot for shopping lovers. Sumptuous mansions and houses began to appear here and there, like Harewood House with its 4000m2 of gardens, listed as part of the historical heritage of the United Kingdom.


It was in the 19th century that Leeds really unleashed its industrial power, thanks to the Leeds and Liverpool canal, which you can still stroll along. The city gradually changed, with the influence of its typically British Victorian architecture; magnificent buildings began to appear, like Leeds Town Hall or the Metropole Hotel (The Met).


Continuing its rapid urban redevelopment, Leeds has incorporated a hypermodern city with skyscrapers like Bridgewater Place standing alongside its traditional heritage. At the heart of this city with two faces, some may take on the challenge of visiting the 1,000 stores clustered around the pedestrian street of Briggate, while others will enjoy the big, quiet squares dotted around Leeds, such as Millennium Square or Armouries Square.


Leeds is also a passionate city, as demonstrated by the atmosphere of Leeds football stadium, Elland Road, and the sports events that light up the heart of the city. But Leeds is not just a land of football it’s also a city of rugby with two 15 and 13 aside rugby teams. And for those who are really choosy, Leeds will surprise fans of Cricket, Football, or Golf.





Sites and monuments

  • Hyde Park Cinema.
  • Harewood House.
  • Victoria Quarter.
  • Leeds Bridge.
  • Newsam Temple.
  • Thornton Arcades.
  • County Arcades.
  •  Leeds corn exchange 
  • Leeds Waterfront.
  • Harewood Castle.



  • Royal Armouries Museum.
  • Leeds City Art Gallery.
  • Thackray Medical Museum.
  • Henry Moore Institute.



  • Roundhay Park.
  • Golden Acre Park.
  • Harlow Carr Park.




Breakfast :

  • English breakfast: eggs, bacon, baked beans, sausages and tomatoes.



  • Roast Beef: beef with Yorkshire pudding, gravy, vegetables and roast potatoes.
  • Steak & Kidney Pie: Beef and kidneys in gravy with a piecrust, potatoes and vegetables.
  • Shepherd's pie: minced lamb topped with mashed potatoes and served with buttered vegetables.
  • Stuffed Turkey: traditional English Christmas dish.
  • Stew: with meat and vegetables.
  • Fish and Chips: Fried fish and chips often served with vegetables.
  • Roast Lamb: Roast lamb with gravy and vegetables.



  • Pudding: traditional English dessert made from flour and eggs, and often with dried fruit.
  • Trifle: cake and fruit covered with custard.
  • Crumble: baked dessert of stewed fruit (apples, pears) with a crumbled mixture of flour, eggs and butter.
  • Apple pie. Apples baked in pastry.
  • Jelly: fruit-flavoured desert set with gelatine.



  • Stilton: blue cheese.
  • West country Farmhouse Cheddar cheese.



  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Whisky
  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Sherry: a fortified wine
  • Pimm's: gin-based drink with quinine and herbs.





May: “Live at Leeds” music festival

June: Leeds Waterfront Festival

July: Summer Adventure at Stockeld Park

August: Leeds Music Festival

September: Leeds International Beer Festival

November: Leeds International Film Festival




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