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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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  Ajaccio (seasonal) (France)

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Ajaccio, the luminous

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Surrounded by a fantastic mountain range, Ajaccio is an elegant, sunny city, delighting visitors with its charms. The ramparts of the citadel overlook a natural bay, said to be one of the loveliest in the world.

Located in the south-west of Corsica, Ajaccio and its surrounding area offers mountainous hinterland and coastline, with access to a variety of landscapes: long white sandy beaches, coves with turquoise water, streams, waterfalls, ancient forests, picturesque villages and many other treasures a stone’s throw from the city.


Strolling the lanes of the old town, you will discover its Napoleonic heritage, its prestigious museums and the daily market with its many flavours. On the mysterious route to the Sanguinary Islands you will find luxurious beaches and natural coves. You will be captivated by this little archipelago, standing guard at the mouth of the bay, especially in the stunning crimson light of sunset. Ajaccio is also an ideal place for visits and entertainment with a host of art galleries, artists' studios, musical gatherings, live performances and events of all kinds.


Historical, cultural, commercial, charming and laid back, Ajaccio can also be a lively, active city devoted to sport and fun. Inland from the coast, it is a real natural paradise ideal for hiking, canyoning, paragliding, trekking and climbing... It offers a whole range of outdoor activities, which you can enjoy on your own or with professional guides.


Finally, Ajaccio’s generous climate bathes the visitor in a light that is conducive to relaxation and sheer idleness. Whether on the café terraces or in the pedestrian lanes of the old town, the art of living " à l’ajaccienne " will confirm your impression that the sun also shines in the very heart of its inhabitants, making your stay unforgettable.





Sites and monuments

  • The old town and the citadel.
  • The Cathedral.
  • Napoleon’s cave.
  • The Sanguinary Islands.
  • Parata peninsula.
  • Chemin des Crêtes (Path of the Ridges).



  • Fesh Museum.



  • 16 Ajaccio beaches (Saint Francis Trottel, Lazaret, Marinella...).






  • Urchins.
  • Lobsters.
  • Local fish.


Mountain specialities

  • Fresh bruccio cheese.
  • Tasty cured meat.
  • Sheep and goat cheese.



  • Sciaccarellu: grape variety specific to the local region and the pride of Ajaccio winemakers.





  • February: Spanish and Latin American Film Festival
  • April: Boat Show.
  • May: International Festival for the Protection of the sea and water sports. Abyss, Festival of underwater and aquatic photography.
  • August: Napoleonic Days.
  • December: Christmas market.



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