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Monday, January 22, 2018
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  Basel Mulhouse (year-round) (Switzerland)

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Basel, Mulhouse, Freiburg: at the crossroads between Switzerland, France and Germany

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Enjoying a unique location in the centre of Western Europe, Basel-Mulhouse Airport, also called EuroAirport has the distinction of being a tri-national airport. As a link between Alsace, North West Switzerland and Baden-Württemberg, it opens the doors to 3 great cities: Basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg.



Cultural capital of the Swiss Confederation, Basel and its 40 museums is sure to charm art and history lovers. With a long tradition of patronage, perpetuated by its businesses in the health, agronomy and technology sectors, the city has a fine collection of art and modern buildings signed by Mario Botta, Bründler, Degelo or Christ & Gantenbein


This architectural eclecticism can also be found in Basel in a mosaic of ancient and contemporary art. In every square, modern buildings stand alongside more ancient ones like the Romanesque and Gothic styled Basel Minster, where Erasmus is laid to rest – or the 16th century Town Hall with its red facade and trompe-l’œils or the Church of St. Elizabeth.


Crossing the Rhine by barge or by the Mittlere Brücke bridge, the traveller is guided into Grand Basel. From the Marktplatz, home of the Café Confiserie Schiesser, founded in 1870, the town unfolds, with its 14th century houses and cobbled streets. From the heights, Münsterplatz offers a magnificent view over the Rhine, while just below, Freie Strasse, Basel’s main shopping street, gives on to a maze of narrow streets to wander through. Further on, Andreasplatz is considered the most romantic spot in Basel, with its facades decked with foliage and its monkey fountain.


The charm of the old town and the banks of the Rhine can’t fail to impress the passer-by. Whether visiting a museum, swimming in the Rhine or spending an evening at the theatre, there are lots of possibilities for entertainment and relaxation awaiting you in Basel!





Located in the South of Alsace, Mulhouse is the second biggest city in the region. In the old town with its colourful facades visitors can immerse themselves in the very cosmopolitan atmosphere of this old textile centre and discover historical monuments like the Town Hall in the Rhenish Renaissance style or the Temple of St. Etienne, whose stained glass windows date back to the 14th century.


But the main attraction in Mulhouse is undoubtedly its prestigious museums, like the Automobile Museum, Railway Museum, the Museum of Printed Textiles or the Wallpaper Museum, reflecting the history of a city so influenced by industry.


In Mulhouse, tasting Alsatian gastronomy is a must, not forgetting the famous Alsatian wines with their palette of rich aromas.


With a valued heritage that has earned the title of  "City of art and history", Mulhouse offers an attractive living environment, enhanced by the famous tradition of Alsatian hospitality.





Freiburg has lots to discover, whether you take a leisurely stroll through the streets of the old town steeped in culture and history, or linger in one of the many cosy tea rooms or cafés in the city or just let yourself be pampered by Baden cuisine and hospitality in its restaurants.






In Basel

Sites and monuments

  • Teufelhof arts and culture centre Basel
  • Novartis campus



  • Beyeler Foundation.
  • Basel Fine Arts Museum.
  • Basel Historical Museum.
  • Tinguely Museum.


Parks :

  • Botanical Garden.


In Mulhouse

Sites and monuments

  • Place de la Réunion.



  • Automobile Museum - National Museum - Schlumpf Collection.
  • French railway museum.
  • Alsace Ecomuseum.
  • EDF Electropolis Museum.
  • Fine Arts Museum.
  • Kunsthalle.



  • Zoological and botanic park.
  • Wesserling Park and the Textile Museum.


In Freiburg

  • Freiburg Cathedral.
  • Old and new Town Halls.
  • Historical Merchants Hall.
  • The Saint-Martin, Swabian and Breisacher Gates.






IN Basel

  • Läckerli: Christmas cake.
  • Pain de poires: pears in a pastry crust.
  • Rösti: grated potato galette.
  • Busecca: tripe soup.
  • Bölletünne: onion tart.


In Mulhouse

  • Sauerkraut.
  • Flammekueche: oven-baked tart with cream, onions and bacon.
  • Spätzles.
  • Baeckeoffe: coq au vin made with Riesling.
  • Lawerknäpfla: quenelle of liver.


In Freiburg

  • Black Forest cake.
  • Charcuterie with smoked salami (Kanderwurst) and Black Forest smoked raw ham.






  • February: Basel Carnival.
  • March: Mulhouse Carnival, Die Basler Fasnacht (Basel), Bscene (Basel Music Festival).
  • April: BaselWorld (watch and jewellery show in Basel).
  • June: Art Basel (Basel contemporary art fair).
  • July: Mulhouse Fair, Freiburg Wine Festival, International tent music festival of Freiburg.
  • August: Météo Music Festival, Ephemeral Garden.
  • September: Onion Festival (Mulhouse).
  • October: Swiss Indoors Basel.
  • December: Christmas market in Basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg.



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