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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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  Frankfurt (seasonal) (Germany)

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Frankfurt the modern

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Known throughout the world yet still a small metropolis, Frankfurt offers an array of attractions. Between modernity and history, skyscrapers and forests, let yourself be carried along on a voyage of discovery to this unique city and its surroundings…

Situated on the Main river, Frankfurt is the city of economic success, Germany’s most international city. Its skyscrapers, ever-increasing in number, have become the symbol of a prosperous Germany, in charge of its destiny.

Colorful, vibrant, bustling, Frankfurt has been a major platform of international trade since the Middle Ages. Initially famous for its fairs, the city's importance was multiplied when it was chosen as the site of elections for the German emperors. Following the complete destruction of the city during the Second World War, Frankfurt managed to rebuild itself and assume the central importance it is now recognized for in Germany, to become a modern city, looking to the future.

The city of Goethe can pride itself in its unique melting pot of the cultures and languages of the world, particularly as it is the headquarters of the European Central Bank. The financial and commercial capital of Germany, Frankfurt is also an important scientific research hub, as well as having high cultural aspirations, with its university, opera and theatres together with a growing number of museums.

The area around Frankfurt offers an  exceptional variety of landscapes and cultural sites, such as Kirchberg, in the District of Rhineland-Palatinate.

You will be fascinated by the history of the Celts and the Romans, and the counts and princes of the Middle Ages who forged the image of the region. Many of the villages near Kirchberg have kept their authentic charm. The half-timbered houses and many historical monuments bear witness to a rich and eventful past.

A prime destination awaiting your discovery is Heidelberg, the university town situated 90 kilometres from the airport, with the charm and beauty of its surrounding hills, its picturesque houses and narrow streets. This historic, student city has made a real asset of its rich heritage. Heidelberg is still today the temple of Romanticism, the ultimate destination of the solitary dreamer, like the many artists who found creative inspiration on the banks of the Neckar, on the edge of the Odenwald Forest...




Sites and monuments

  • Main Tower
  • Römerberg
  • Städel Musuem
  • St Bartholomew’s Cathedral
  • Old Opera House
  • Commerzbank-Arena
  • Mainkai Street
  • Goethe House
  • St Paul’s Church
  • Eurotower


  • Goethe Tower






  • Wurst: the famous frankfurters.
  • Kartoffel: potatoes served with many dishes.
  • Der Flammkuchen: a “tarte flambée” from Alsace, which can be found on both sides of the border.
  • Die Grüne Soße: the famous green sauce made from 7 herbs and served with potatoes and other traditional dishes.
  • Handkäs mit Musik: cheese with garlic sauce.



  • Several varieties of pretzels: with butter, nougat, cheese, herbs…
  • Nusse >Kreppel: doughnuts.



  • Apfelwein: cider.
  • Glühwein: mulled wine with a multiple variety of tastes (apple, cherry…) and colours (red wine, white wine or spirits…).






February: Ambiente consumer goods trade fair (Frankfurt).

March: Frankfurt Salsa Festival

April: Spring Festival

June: Opera Square Festival.

July: Mainfest

August: Museum Embankment Festival

September: Frankfurt Motor Show, Frankfurt Autumn Fair

October: International trade fair for gems, jewellery and gemstone objects.

November – December: Christmas Market





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