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Friday, September 22, 2017
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  Düsseldorf (seasonal) (Germany)

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Düsseldorf, metropolis on the Rhine

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1h50 away from Montpellier, Düsseldorf combines Rhenish joy of living with cosmopolitan charm, offering a multitude of attractions. Links between history and modernity, architectural achievements, attractions, museums and beer bars make Düsseldorf a thriving international city rich in traditions.

This former fishing village on the banks of the Rhine where it meets the Düssel – hence its name - has more than 800 years of history behind it. Nicknamed "Little Paris" by Napoleon, praised by the poet Heinrich Heine, Düsseldorf was also marked by the stamp of its counts and prince-electors before becoming the city we know today.


Düsseldorf is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. It is a city in 5 seasons, overflowing with joy during the "Carnival season". The town is full of lively events, especially in the Old City, where the legendary square kilometre bordering the Rhine, with its 260 pubs, cafés and brasseries, becomes "the biggest bar in the world".


But the Old Town is also a place of cobbled streets, the old tower (Schlossturm), St. Lambertus Basilica (Lambertuskirche) housing the relics of Saint-Apollinaris, or the majestic mansions, remnants of a glorious past. On Burgplatz, a little lower, under the trees you can make out the silhouette of the famous "Radschläger" (children doing a cartwheel), immortalized by a fountain.


The promenade along the Rhine invites you to stroll, taking you to the new harbour area, the MedienHafen, which will appeal to lovers of architecture. The old commercial port has been classified as a historical monument and forms a pleasing contrast with the ultramodern architectural achievements by Claude Vasconi, David Chipperfield and Frank O. Gehry. Lining the opposite bank are the Art Nouveau facades of the stylish area of Oberkassel.


The ultramodern discos of MedienHafen are the places to be for night owls, to get into the exciting Düsseldorf nightlife, unless they prefer the more elegant "Kö" or the old industrial buildings in the neighbourhood of Lierenfeld.


If Düsseldorf is a city of international trade fairs and exhibitions (more than 40 each year) it is also a city of fashion and one of the most elegant destinations in the world. Whether it is the majestic Königsallee (nicknamed the "KO") with its luxury boutiques or Carlstadt, the area for art galleries and antique shops, Düsseldorf is a happy hunting ground for shoppers.


But Düsseldorf is also a city of art par excellence with its 17 museums, numerous art galleries and other exhibition halls. These include the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, art collections K20 and K21 NRW or the "KIT - Kunst im Tunnel" (art in the tunnel) collection, an underground exhibition space that is one of the most spectacular in the city.


Düsseldorf, a city to explore and experience!






Sites and monuments

  • The Church of St. Andreas.
  • Neander Church.
  • Düsseldorf Town Hall.
  • Düsseldorf Opera (Deutsche Oper am Rhein).
  • Düsseldorf Theatre (Schauspielhaus).
  • Schlanke Mathilde: the clock that has been a favourite meeting point for many generations.
  • Barbarossa’s Imperial Palace.



  • Kunstpalast art museum.
  • NRW Forum für Kultur und Wirtschaft: culture and economy forum.
  • Glass Museum.
  • Düsseldorf Film Museum.
  • Hetjens Museum (German ceramics).
  • Navigation Museum.
  • Heinrich Heine Institute.



  • The Hofgarten.
  • Nordpark.
  • Urdenbacher Kämpe.
  • Benrath palace and park.







  • Ähzezupp: pea soup.


Main courses

  • Rheinischer Sauerbraten: Rhenish marinated roast beef.
  • Schlüssel-Krüstchen: pork chops.
  • Schweinshaxe mit Sauerkraut: pork knuckle served with sauerkraut.
  • Flönz: black pudding.



  • Halve Hahn: cumin cheese with onion, eaten with “Röggelchen” rye bread rolls.
  • Dusseldorfer Radschläger: marzipan cartwheel figures.



  • Altbier: brown ale brewed in the old top-fermentation style.
  • "Killepitsch" liqueur.






  • February-March: Carnival.
  • April: Japan Day Festival, Düsseldorf Marathon.
  • June: Rally Jazz Festival, Düsseldorf Book Fair.
  • July: Düsseldorf Funfair, Cartwheel competition, Düsseldorfer France Festival.
  • September: China Festival.
  • September-October: Düsseldorf Festival.
  • November: Düsseldorf Carnival (until March), Saint Martin’s Day.
  • December: Christmas Markets.




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