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Management System / Quality - Montpellier Airport

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Since 2000, Montpellier Méditerranée Airport has been seeking to implement a management system to ensure consistent optimized operations.

This system incorporates the dimensions of:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Airport and general safety
  • Security

It meets a range of objectives designed to:

  • Satisfy our various customers, whether as passengers, airlines or users present on the airport platform, as well as the shareholders.
  • Comply with all the regulations applicable on the platform.
  • Prevent and control risks such as accidents, pollution, illegal acts...


Whether on a regulatory or a voluntary basis, the airport has obtained various titles of recognition in recent years. We note in particular:

  • ISO 9001 certification: 2008 awarded by AFNOR for Quality standard (2002).
  • ISO 14 001 certification: 2004 awarded by AFNOR for Environmental standard (2004).
  • Aerodrome certification awarded by DESAC for Airport Safety / Runway Safety (2008).
  • Validation of the Security Programme granted by DESAC (2004).
  • OHSAS 18 001 certification projected for 2013.

management system montpellier mediterranean airport

Integrated Management System - Montpellier Méditerranée Airport © AMM


Montpellier Méditerranée Airport aims to satisfy its clients, whether passengers or users of the platform. To serve this purpose satisfaction surveys are conducted periodically.

Boarding Montpellier Méditerranée Airport Passengers

Passenger satisfaction

Montpellier Méditerranée Airport carries out a satisfaction survey twice a year on a sample of 1,000 passengers. These campaigns cover two aeronautical seasons i.e. "spring / summer" and "autumn / winter" and are conducted along with ten other French airports, to standardize procedure and learn about best practices.

The latest campaign was conducted in June 2012. It covers the Spring / Summer period of 2012.

Stated overall satisfaction level

This indicator of “stated” overall satisfaction answers the question: "With reference to your experience today, how would you spontaneously rate Montpellier Méditerranée Airport?"


Stated overall satisfaction level - June 2012 Passenger Survey - Montpellier Méditerranée Airport 

Passenger complaints and suggestions

To receive complaints and comments from passengers, Montpellier Airport provides the relevant forms at the Reception desks.

The airport is committed to respond to any claim within a period of 2 weeks, whether issued in the terminal or sent by mail.


Montpellier Méditerranée Airport strives to continuously improve safety and accident prevention within the perimeters managed by the airport company.

Public Buildings

Montpellier Méditerranée Airport PLC complies with Public Building regulations - Type 1 category. In this framework, the obligations mainly related to planning and fire safety are respected.

Employee Safety - Labour Code

In compliance with regulations, Montpellier Airport has drafted a single document for the prevention of risks related to the work of airport personnel. It also issues prevention schemes for any subcontracted work requiring this.

Animal Hazard Prevention / Safety & Aircraft Fire Fighting Service

> See the section "Animal Hazard Prevention / SSLIA".


Airport safety has to comply with the international regulations issued by the ICAO applied to Europe and France. These regulations require any aerodrome wishing to receive commercial traffic to obtain a safety certificate awarded by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation, following an audit.

The goal of Montpellier Airport in this framework is to ensure "zero accidents"!


Plans Montpellier Méditerranée Airport Boarding

Conditions of Approval and Operating Procedures for Aerodromes (CHEA)

Any aerodrome, before being awarded a certificate, must ensure that it meets the conditions for approval and aerodrome operation procedures.

To do this, it must meet very specific technical requirements for facilities and equipment.

Aerodrome Manual and Airport Safety Management System

Once the CHEA conditions were met in 2008, Montpellier Méditerranée Airport implemented an airport safety management system to ensure perfect control of the following operational areas:

  • Aeronautical information monitoring.
  • Access to the movement area and general supervision.
  • Airport emergency plans.
  • Aircraft rescue and fire-fighting service.
  • Operational inspections of the movement area.
  • Maintenance of the movement area.
  • Procedures related to bad weather conditions beyond the scope of emergency plans (snow plan, de-icing...).
  • Visual aid systems and electric circuits in the aerodrome.
  • Safety arrangements for work in progress on the airfield.
  • Traffic area management.
  • Traffic area safety.
  • Control of vehicles in the movement area.
  • Animal hazards.
  • Control of obstacles.
  • Removal of disabled aircraft.
  • Hazardous materials management.
  • Operation in low visibility conditions.
  • Protection of navigation aid locations.

These topics are set out in a manual of certification, instructions and associated protocols.


Airport security must comply with the international regulations applied to Europe and France. This regulation requires any airport wishing to receive commercial traffic, to set up a security scheme and a security quality assurance plan.

The provisions set out in these documents are then validated by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation and the European authorities and controlled by audits made by the same authorities to ensure perfect security control in the following areas:

  • Terminals and airport facilities.
  • Passengers and cabin baggage.
  • Hold baggage.
  • General aviation.
  • Training and equipment.


> For more information see the section: "Security Measures".

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