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Waste and environment - Montpellier Airport

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Non-hazardous waste from economic activities

For the sake of proximity to waste generators, four sorting areas, including a recycling centre, are located on the platform according to the type of waste products: paper, cardboard, wood, reusable pallets, bulky scrap, plastic bottles and cans.


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waste recycling montpellier mediterranean airport

Waste recycling - Montpellier Mediterranean Airport © AMM

Hazardous Waste from economic activities

Hazardous waste management tends to be far more complex than that of non-hazardous waste, particular due to its toxicity or danger. Producers are responsible for their own waste: oils, tires, oil filters, rags and soiled packaging and batteries.

Montpellier Mediterranean Airport S.A. seeks to play a facilitating role in organizing the centralized management of hazardous waste from businesses (primarily for aircraft and vehicle maintenance activities).

Hazardous waste is stored in the appropriate containers before being removed by specialized companies.

Every day, subcontractors are employed at the airport to do structural work, finishing, maintenance etc. A lot of waste is generated in the course of their work, and problems of the illegal dumping or non-sorting of waste can arise.

Since 2004, clauses on waste treatment and respect of application (authorizations, approvals, safety data sheets for products used) have been included in each new contract, including building work contracts. Company staff is again reminded of these clauses when the work begins.

This change in the relationship between the airport and its subcontractors who generate waste has helped to optimize waste recycling, continuously improving efforts to sort and reduce waste at the source, which are the main factors in reducing environmental impacts as well as the "waste" bill.


In 2015, 167 tons of waste was collected at the airport, of which 50% was recycled.
Montpellier-Mediterranean Airport is working to increase this percentage by promoting the regular separation of waste at source, by businesses on the platform.

types of waste collected montpellier mediterranean airport

Types of waste collected - Montpellier Mediterranean Airport © AMM

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